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Audition Update – Oyster Mill Playhouse 3/17 & 18


Oyster Mill Playhouse
Oyster Mill Playhouse


Oyster Mill Playhouse is holding auditions

MARCH 17th  & 18TH 6:00 PM (Kids 10+ & Chorus); 7:00 PM (Adults)


Performance Dates: May 31st – June 16th, 2013

Kids Casting Notes:

The Kid: Any one of the ragamuffin urchins who shows big personality and can manage a passable cockney accent. The role may be double/triple cast if more than one urchin stands out.

The Girl: Vocal range is Soprano. Pretty waif-like innocent as opposed to a voluptuous experienced temptress.(Age:16 to 25)

The Bully: Any one of the urchins who looks or acts big enough to beat up Cocky. The role may be double/triple cast if more than one urchin stands out.

The Urchins: Mixed Chorus of ragamuffin children and teens with a range of strong voices and able to hold harmonies in four-part choral numbers. Must also be able to learn choreographed stage movement and take direction to create controlled improvised reaction to the activity of the principals. (Age:10 to 20’s)

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Chambersburg Community Theatre

Chambersburg Community TheatreThe Chambersburg Community Theatre Inc. was started when a small group of aspiring actors met at the home of Libby Bowers in November 1954. The company was incorporated in 1960, and gained non-profit status in 1974 and has appeared in at least five different auditoriums, with The Capitol Theatre on South Main Street in Chambersburg being the primary location where the company performs, rehearses, and has their office for the past 20 years.

P.O. Box 92
159 South Main Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201-0092
(717) 263-3900

Chambersburg Community Theatre Website


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Audition Tips


Ok, you’re ready to head out on your first (or fortieth) audition, but are you really ready? Here are a few excellent tips from Dustin C. LeBlanc, Artistic Director for Carlisle Theatre Company in Carlisle, PA.

Tips for Terrified Auditioners
1.  Memorize the selection.
2.  Bring music for the accompanist to play.
3.  Sing your best 30-40 seconds of a song (about 16 bars), but be prepared to sing the whole song if you are asked to sing more.
4.  Be able to explain to the accompanist where you will start and end, preferred tempo, and where you will need time for breaths.
5.  DO NOT apologize ahead of time for being sick, late, forgetting music, etc.  Any good director will know if you are sick.
6.  Be polite and positive, not pushy, and don’t rush out of the audition.
7.  Dress nicely and comfortably, and if you know you will be dancing, wear appropriate clothes and shoes.
8.  Smile and have fun!


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American Music Theatre

American Music Theatre banner
American Music Theatre is the only theatre of its kind in the country that features both touring concerts and original shows. With a capacity of 1,600 seats, the theatre hosts more than 300 live performances a year which range from Broadway tours to rock concerts to famous comedians. Since debuting in 1997, the Theatre has featured some of the most talented musicians, vocalists, and dancers in the nation in their original shows. All in the comfort of one of the most premier venues on the East Coast for live entertainment.

2425 Lincoln Hwy East
P.O. Box 10757
Lancaster, PA 17605
(800) 648-4102
(717) 397-7700

American Music Theatre Website


The Playhouse at Allenberry – Keystone Theatrics

Allenberry-Keystone TheatricsSituated on the beautiful 57-acre Boiling Springs property, the Playhouse at Allenberry opened in the summer of 1949 and has become a leading attraction and activity at Allenberry Resort. For over 60 years, hundreds of actors, dancers, and musicians, together with directors, designers, and technicians,have created an incredible body of work with over six hundred productions of drama, comedy, farce, mystery, and musical genres. Now under the management of Keystone Theatrics, it is their goal to engage and entertain the community by providing and supporting high-quality entertainment with professional theatre production standards.


Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse

1559 Boiling Springs Road
Boiling Springs, Pa. 17007
Monday through Friday
(717) 258-3211

Keystone Theatrics Website


AUDITION – Oyster Mill Playhouse 2/17 & 18



Oyster Mill Playhouse is holding auditions

FEBRUARY 17th  & 18TH 7:00 PM


Performance Dates: April 12th – April 28th, 2013

Kids Casting Notes:

Amanda Waslyk: Very serious and precocious with a 160 IQ. She wears clothing more suitable for an adult. She’s fearing that a man in the house will change everything. She does not want her mother to show any interest in men and with Randolph’s help, they drive them away. (Age: 13-16)

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School Performances Update – Northern Middle School

Northern Middle School (Dillsburg) will be presenting Seussical Jr. March 22 & 23

Tickets go on sale Feb 25th. Visit to print a ticket order form. Contacts: or

Carlisle Theatre

Carlisle Theatre Compay

The Carlisle Theatre Company is the Carlisle Theatre’s resident all age community theater group. CTC’s main purpose is to serve its community by offering high quality theater performances and opportunities to actors, musicians, and backstage personnel of all ages.

The historic Carlisle Theatre has been referred to as “the gem of downtown Carlisle” since 1939. The Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center presents musical concerts, independent, foreign, first-run, and award winning films, live theatrical productions, and programming for children and families.

The Theatre is also available for corporate events and meetings, community events, weddings, and much, much more!


Carlisle Theatre Box Office

40 West High Street
Carlisle, Pa. 17013
Monday through Friday
10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(717) 258-0666

Carlisle Theatre Website