DreamWrights presents Jane Eyre

December 11 OR 12, 2017 by appointment beginning at 6:00 pm

Ages 7 – adult; Intergenerational shows are all doubled – both cast and crew; For auditions, you only need to attend one of the two nights; All crew positions are filled through auditionees; Please wear comfortable clothing and closed toes shoes, especially if there is a dancing component to the audition! Please pull longer hair back from your face.
Bring your calendar to list any conflicts you may have with the rehearsal schedule.
(This does not eliminate you, but allows us to work out the final schedule to the best of all.)
Rehearsals typically start within one week of auditions and run evenings (6-9) and weekends.
Double-cast shows alternate rehearsals between the 2 casts.
The frequency of rehearsals depends upon the role or crew position you receive.

February 2 – 11, 2018

For more info, visit DreamWrights Auditions